[LEGISLATIVE UPDATES] H.R. 1531 & H. Res 154

H.R. 1531: To require that health plans provide coverage for a minimum hospital stay for mastectomies, lumpectomies, and lymph node dissection for the treatment of breast cancer and coverage for secondary consultations. Sponsor: Rep. Rosa DeLauro [D-CT3] This bill is in the first stage of the legislative process. It was introduced into Congress on April … Continue reading

Be A Hero.

Tell the USDA to Keep Agent Orange Corn Off Your Plate!

The first generation of biotech crops has failed. And failed badly. Now the biotech industry is stepping up the chemical arms race in an effort to make up for the failure of Monsanto’s Roundup. Excessive use of Roundup by GMO farmers has led million of acres of U.S. farmland filled with Roundup resistant superweeds. To … Continue reading