Impasse Implications Impact Illness: Federal Shutdown Has Real Consequences on Patients With Cancer & Nurses

Federal Shutdown Has Real Consequences on Patients With Cancer  and Their Nurses   As the U.S. Congress continues to debate the details of the federal budget, Americans with cancer are stuck in limbo. The Oncology Nursing Society (ONS) has urged elected officials to find a resolution with appropriate funding for healthcare providers and patients with … Continue reading

Shutdown Blocks Kids With Cancer From Clinical Trials

For every week that the government shutdown continues, 10 children with cancer will not be able to begin their clinical trials, officials told John Burklow, a spokesman for the National Institutes of Health, estimated that 200 patients would experience these delays each week of the shutdown. Since 15 percent of these patients are typically … Continue reading

Disparities in Research May Have Negative Outcomes

Medical research is rapidly changing the way in which healthcare professionals provide treatment and service to patients. The promise of personalized medicine is coming ever closer to being realized. Under this model, pharmaceuticals and treatments will ultimately be tailored specifically to the individual, based upon his or her genetic make-up. Fortunately, we are already beginning … Continue reading