Ask Your US Representative to Support HR 1801 Today!

“The Cancer Drug Coverage Parity Act has been reintroduced and now has over 80 bi-partisan co-sponsors! But the work is not done yet. The more bi-partisan co-sponsors we have, the more likely the House will move to vote on this critical legislation.

We need you to reach out to your US Representative to ask him or her to co-sponsor HR 1801. The bill will require oral anticancer treatments to be covered at the same rate as IV treatments. Many insurance plans treat patient-administered anticancer treatments, like oral pills, differently than other forms of treatment creating a financial barrier to care for many myeloma patients.

By entering your information below, you will be able to quickly and easily email your US Representative a prewritten letter.  After clicking next, take a moment to customize the letter with a personal story to increase your message’s impact. You can share your story or click on the talking points to the right to add those into your message.

Thank you for your help ensuring cancer patients have fair and equal access to all types of treatments!”




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