Colorado Legislation Supports Treatment Needs of Terminally Ill Patients

Colorado Legislation Allows Terminally Ill Patients To Try Experimental Medicines.

ABC World News (5/18, story 3, 1:55, Muir) reported in its broadcast that Colorado is set to allow access to experimental drugs to terminally ill patients. The report cited the case of cancer victim Nick Auden, who died while awaiting access to an experimental medicine. NBC said, “This weekend, Colorado may be the first state to enact a so-called right to try law, meant to cut through red tape and allow faster access to experiment experimental drugs for patients that are termly sick.” Still, critics say Colorado’s new Bill is “largely symbolic. A state law are no power to force action from the federal FDA or drug makers.”

        The Wall Street Journal (5/19, Loftus, Frosch, Subscription Publication) reported the FDA already has a process under which it allows patients access to patients experimental medicines but can’t compel pharmaceutical firms to provide them.

        In its report, the AP (5/19, Wyatt) reported that Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper Saturday did sign the state’s “Right To Try” bill, which permits terminally ill patients get experimental medicines “without getting federal approval.” The AP noted that “similar bills await governors’ signatures in Louisiana and Missouri, and Arizona voters will decide in November whether to set up a similar program in that state.”


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