Toxic Time is Up – Sign this petition

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“Take a stand to protect all of us from toxic chemicals that are making us sick, because the manufacturers of pink ribbon products certainly won’t. Right now, landmark legislation that could significantly impact cancer prevention is within reach.


It’s time to turn our outrage over pinkwashing to action and ban the toxins that make us sick in the first place. Sign the petition below. Demand an end to toxic pinkwashing. Demand chemicals be proven safe before they enter the marketplace—and our bodies. We will deliver your signature directly to the Senators in charge of shepherding chemical reform legislation.”


Heather Swift‘s insight:

Please sign the following petition:

We, the undersigned, demand strong, comprehensive chemical regulation that protects our health and ensures that all chemicals are proven safe before they enter the marketplace—and our bodies.

Industry must bear the burden of proof for safety testing because our health is threatened when chemicals are not safety tested before being used in everyday products.

Together, we demand our elected officials enact meaningful chemical safety reform to reduce the risk of a range of devastating diseases and disorders, including breast cancer. We call on The Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works to overhaul and update the Toxic Substance Control Act (TSCA) of 1976. 

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