NFL’s breast cancer awareness campaign is good – for football

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” LOS ANGELES — Welcome to October, the month when America is painted pink to raise awareness for breast cancer — and for the companies that lay the color on thickest.

Ryan Basen at Sports on Earth dives into the NFL’s campaign against breast cancer, “A Crucial Catch,” and questions whether the effort is more effective saving women’s lives, or at “raising awareness” about just how charitable and woman-friendly the league is.

Basin posits that “the NFL and its corporate partners are more concerned with enhancing their public images — especially among women — and ultimately revenues, than they are with addressing breast cancer, and they seek to manipulate NFL fandom in the name of public health”-with an assist from corporate partners like Pepsi, Ticketmaster and Barclays.

A Crucial Catch’s annual effort includes stenciling football fields with breast cancer ribbons, recruiting star athletes to don baby pink in commercials supporting the effort, and selling fans on rose-tinted team-branded gear. Some of the proceeds of those sales are donated to the American Cancer Society, but “the league declines to say” the percentage it’s actually forking over — and either way, the apparel conveniently promotes the Giants and the Cowboys (and specifically encourages female investment in those brands) alongside women’s health.”

Heather Swift‘s insight:

This part of the article particularly stands out to me-"One particularly grim stat: Ticketmaster capped its 2012 A Crucial Catch donation at $40,000. That’s just $1 for every woman who died of breast cancer in 2012; one study found that patients with metastatic breast cancer cost the U.S. a combined $12.2 billion annually in direct and indirect costs. As Basen puts it: "You’d need to use scientific notation with negative exponents to express what percentage of the NFL’s annual revenues it contributes via A Crucial Catch." But the on-field pink ribbons loom large."

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