Get help navigating your health insurance choices

ImageToday, hundreds of thousands of people with cancer are beginning to navigate the state health insurance marketplaces/exchanges created by the health reform law. 

The Cancer Support Community convened a work group of 19 cancer and advocacy organizations to create the Cancer Insurance Checklist, a useful guide for comparing insurance plans in the state marketplaces/exchanges that just opened today. The marketplaces/exchanges will allow people who don’t have insurance through an employer or government program like Medicare and Medicaid to purchase insurance.


  • If you have cancer, a history of cancer or are at risk for cancer
  • When evaluating insurance plans
  • When discussing your insurance needs with your navigator or marketplace/exchange representative
  • When discussing your cancer care needs with your health care provider

Fill in the worksheets for each insurance plan you are considering. By doing so, you will be able to tell which insurance plan best fits your needs and your budget. You may not need all of the services in the Cancer Insurance Checklist, and there may be other services, costs or aspects of your care that you need to consider.

You can access the full set of information, including the Checklist, a comprehensive list of resources and the full list of partnering organizations by visiting


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