[PUBLIC POLICY] Blood Cancer Awareness Month Comes to A Close

Thousands take action for Blood Cancer Awareness month- have you?Capitol

We’ve spent September spreading awareness about the challenges and the courage of blood cancer patients and their families. Thanks to the voices of thousands of LLS advocates, we’ve made this a month to remember.

More than 15,560 advocates have spoken out against “specialty tiers” drug pricing already. That’s 15,560 voices in favor of ending an insurance practice that makes some medications so expensive, cancer patients are forced to skip doses or go without them entirely. The cost of some drugs under specialty tiers pricing: hundreds of dollars a dose. The cost of ending this practice: less than 25 cents a month on insurance premiums for just the small percentage of people who are covered by plans that currently include specialty tiers. It’s a small change that can make a huge difference-and we’re well on our way.

Our voices are reaching the ears of four representatives who we need to support crucial legislation. But on this issue, every voice matters. There are only a few days of Blood Cancer Awareness Month left. Please click here, add your name and your voice to save the lives of blood cancer patients before the month is over.

One Response to “[PUBLIC POLICY] Blood Cancer Awareness Month Comes to A Close”
  1. bmb12 says:

    Great post!! I hope everyone gets involved!

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