NCCS Comments on Proposed CMS Reforms and Updates


The National Coalition for Cancer Survivorship (NCCS) recently submitted comments to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) on the proposed update to physician payment rates in 2014. NCCS applauded ongoing CMS efforts to test health care payment and delivery reforms through demonstration and pilot programs as well as through changes to physician payment. CMS has proposed a new service for complex care management to be implemented in 2015. We commended the actions by CMS to improve delivery of care for those cancer survivors who are Medicare beneficiaries – more than half of all survivors.  NCCS also recommended that CMS establish a cancer care planning service to complement the transitional care management service and the complex chronic care management service. 

A cancer care planning service would ensure that Medicare beneficiaries with cancer are able to discuss and plan their care with their care team and coordinate care among providers. Evidence from innovative cancer practices that are providing cancer care planning and coordinated services indicates that these services enhance the overall quality of cancer care and rationalize the use of health care resources.
NCCS is a national organization representing survivors of all forms of cancer. We focus on public policy advocacy to improve cancer care delivery and ensure the highest quality of care. In support of this mission, we also recently joined colleagues in the Cancer Leadership Council, including patient advocacy organizations and professional societies, in offering comments about payment limits on “misvalued services” and the proposed complex chronic care management service.

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