Cancer is Hard When You’re Alone

The Sarcastic Boob

I sure do love historical analysis–as you have no doubt observed if you’ve read The Sarcastic Boob with any regularity.  Breast cancer is a fascinating subject and fits right into my love of knowledgeable discourse.  The implications of gender and patriarchy!  The socioeconomic and racial disparities!  The political difference with regard to healthcare!  The swelling in my left armpit!

Wait.  What?  What’s this left armpit crap?  It’s the right boob, remember?

I honestly get so lost in the subject itself that sometimes I forget why I find the topic of interest in the first place.   Oh, yeah, I have breast cancer with metastasis.  Stage IV.  Remember?

Yes, I do remember, but it’s still kind of abstract in a very weird kind of way.  The lesions have resolved, roused the spondylosis.  It was asymptomatic for many years apparently, until the tumor flare kicked it off.  The third nerve block to manage…

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