Two New Bills Support Quality Oncology Care

Latest Oncology Legislation in Washington, DC

Two good bills each having a positive impact on oncology have been introduced in House. If you think these bills have merit then contact your Member of Congress and ask him/her to sign on to the bills.


by Matt Farber, MA, director, Provider Economics and Public Policy, ACCC

U.S. Capitol In the past week, two bills important to oncology care have been introduced in the United States Congress. The first, introduced  by Reps. Israel (D-NY) and Tiberi (R-OH), is HR 1661.  This bill would provide reimbursement for a one-hour chemotherapy teaching session by nurses in the physician-office setting.  This legislation has been introduced in previous Congresses, with the primary support of the Oncology Nursing Society (ONS).  ACCC has supported this legislation in the past and will be supporting it again this year.

The second bill is the “Patient Centered Quality of Life Act” (HR 1666).  This bill would support the growing demand for palliative care, which is specialized medical care that focuses on care coordination and relief from pain, stress, and other symptoms of treatment for a life-threatening disease such as cancer. The bipartisan bill, co-sponsored by Reps. Cleaver (D-MO)…

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One Response to “Two New Bills Support Quality Oncology Care”
  1. elynjacobs says:

    Great bill, but they must offer counseling on alternatives to chemotherapy. Sadly, chemo does not cure most patients and this must be explained to patients. It does cure some and extends the lives of many, but it is extremely toxic and does not offer a cure to most.

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