The Patient Choice Act – Providing Choice Instead of Death

Four-Square Clobbers Cancer

PatientChoiceActI suppose I never truly realized how little choice we have individually with respect to selecting the drugs and treatments we as Americans pursue for own health. This never personally impacted me until the diagnosis of my two year old daughter with an inoperable and terminal brain tumor known as DIPG. Imagine for a minute that you are sitting in a cramped room with a social worker and an oncologist who is quickly and impatiently advising you that your two year old has terminal brain cancer. Sitting less than twenty feet from you watching her favorite shows is your daughter in a hospital bed. 16498279_sYou have no understanding of what a clinical trial is or how to participate. You have no understanding of how to select a treatment. You are left bewildered, reeling and devastated.

As time went by during my daughter Alexis’ long thirty-three month battle, we found out…

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