Guest Blogger: Fellow LiveSTRONG Leader says “Mission POSSIBLE”

I’m honored to share the words of my Senior Leader, Patrick Thiesen, cancer-fighter-extraordinaire with you all.  Patrick is a Senior Leader for LiveSTRONG Foundation and a source of hope, education, and inspiration to many throughout the Central New York Region and beyond.  He has recently been selected as an American Cancer Society Legislative Ambassador where he and I will have the opportunity to collaborate further and to work with our legislators to create legislative change that supports the needs of cancer fighters & survivors in New York state.  It’s a gift to share his passionate voice with you.  Patrick is actively committed to give a voice to the needs of those who do not have one.  Thank you, Patrick.  LiveSTRONG!
Dear friends and family,

I just returned from the 2013 LIVESTRONG Assembly where I networked with over 500 people from all across the globe.  In attendance were the LIVESTRONG Staff, Senior Leaders, Leaders, Camp Kesem students and staff, LIVESTRONG at the Y staff, Imerman Angels Founder, Creative Center staff and many more.  Every year we assemble the most passionate and motivated people in the world in the battle against cancer.  We come together to set our plans for the year, network with program partners and to hear the State of the Foundation Speech.

I would like to tell you about my plans for the year and tell you about some amazing programs.

First, I would like to talk about the State of the Foundation Luncheon.  Our Executive Vice President of Operations, Andy Miller, gave the 2013 State of the Foundation address this year.   The main point I want to speak to is that the LIVESTRONG Foundation is stronger than ever, larger than one man and WILL CARRY ON IT’S MISSION!
I had some great conversations with Jane Seccarro, CEO for Camp Kesem.  Camp Kesem is a week long summer camp run by college student that helps give children, who have a parent with cancer, an opportunity to get away from the situation and have some great interactions with some extremely passionate volunteers.  Check out their site to find a Chapter near you.  Syracuse University is in it’s Inaugural year for CK and I look forward to helping them develop into a strong chapter!
Starting on March 12th is the voting phase for our Community Impact Project.  Munson Williams Proctor Arts Institute has been selected to go to voting for a $15,000 grant to bring the Creative Center program to Central NY!  I look forward to working with them to get our community to vote and bring this to reality!  I will be counting on you to vote.  More to come!!
I talked with the Director of Donor Recruitment for and realized that there is a huge need for donors, especially among the minority populations.  I will be teaming up with them throughout the year to hold some donor drives.  If you want to help out visit the site and they will send you the kit.  It is as simple as rubbing a cotton swab in your cheek and mailing it back.  If you are a match you will be contacted.  The recipients insurance covers all medical expenses associated with donating… AND YOU COULD SAVE A LIFE, HOW COOL IS THAT?!!
Finally, I will be promoting LIVESTRONG’s free Navigation Services. This is where LIVESTRONG is most critical in the fight against cancer.  We have made patient survivorship and navigation a priority on a global level.  LIVESTRONG provides free navigation services for those affected, their families, caregivers, and health care professionals, anyone!!  We can help with Fertility Preservation,  Financial and Job Concerns,Counseling and Local Resources, Cancer Diagnosis and treatment concerns.  We partner with groups like the Patient Advocate Foundation,, Emerging Med, Imerman Angels, and the Navigate Cancer Foundation to provide an organized and thorough approach to a diagnosis.  When you call, we will organize contact and keep in touch with you to make sure you have all the tools necessary during the cancer experience. or 1-855-220-7777
Thank you for your time in reading this email and if you have any questions please reach out to me and I will get them answered!!


Patrick Thiesen

LIVESTRONG Senior Leader, Region 2

I LIVESTRONG for those who no longer have a voice.

Get Help: or call 1-855-220-7777

ImageProud to share the new LiveSTRONG Foundation Logo!


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