New Hygeia Media Book Shines Spotlight on Parents of Ill Adult Children

ImageThe latest book from Hygeia Media navigates the difficult path parents face when their adult children become seriously ill.

In the Shadows: How to Help Your Seriously Ill Adult Child asks the question, “What happens when an adult child becomes seriously ill?”

In the Shadows is a compassionate handbook that advocates for the parent not as “extended family” but as an essential part of a support network when an adult is dealing with a difficult health problem such as a cancer diagnosis or other chronic illness.

Through 10 real-life stories illustrating diverse examples of parental involvement, In the Shadows, written by Patricia Ringos Beach, MSN, RN, AOCN®, ACHPN, and Beth E. White, MSN, RN, provides a unique perspective on post-adolescence parent-child relationships, gives tips on finding and joining support groups, and offers guidance on understanding and navigating the healthcare system.

In the Shadows provides parents with a guidepost for scenarios that have no real directions while providing a forum for a group of people that are often left in the shadows. Recommend this book to your adult patients and their parents, or order this book for your institution’s library!

Take advantage of special pricing and order your copy today. Pricing expires March 1, 2013.

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