Give the Perfect Present a Whole New Meaning

This holiday season give a whole new meaning to the perfect present.

Start a new tradition in your family. Make the perfect present the one that gives back and helps someone in true need.

Instead of giving that special someone in your life, who already has everything, another sweater or a gift card, honor him or her by giving a life-saving bed net to a child in Africa.

Your thoughtful gift will protect a child from one of the leading causes of death for children in Africa—malaria.

Giving the perfect present—an insecticide-treated bed net—could not be easier. Just:

Choose the gift amount that is right for you.
The purchase and delivery of each bed net is $10.
Select the thoughtful e-card that you want to send to your loved one.
Decide which date that you want him or her to receive your special gift.

Plus, this perfect present is always the right size and doesn’t require you to fight for a parking space at the mall.

This holiday season give hope and health instead of stuff.

• A single $10 bed net is the perfect stocking stuffer for everyone on your list.

• $100 can protect 10 families from deadly malaria.

• 100 bed nets at $1,000 can stop malaria in its tracks in a small village.

Your special someone will appreciate your thoughtful gift and you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that your gift is saving lives and helping to wipe out deadly malaria. Giving something truly meaningful just feels good.

You won’t find a more perfect present in any store. Give to the United Nations Foundation’s Nothing But Nets campaign to send an insecticide-treated bed net today.


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