[TAKE ACTION] Recalcitrant Cancer Research Act- It’s Now Up to the Senate

As you may know, on September 19, the U.S. House of Representatives took the historic step of passing H.R. 733, legislation dedicated to placing a greater federal focus on pancreatic cancer and other deadly cancers. But we still need the U.S. Senate to pass the bill before the end of the year!

Congress is back in session today, so NOW is the time to urge your senators to act on this bill. With very little time left in the legislative calendar and a host of other bills competing for their consideration, we must make our voices heard!

Send a message to your senators urging them to pass the Recalcitrant Cancer Research Act by the end of the year.

The Recalcitrant Cancer Research Act, formerly known as the Pancreatic Cancer Research & Education Act, will require the National Cancer Institute to evaluate its current efforts in studying pancreatic cancer and focus on ways to improve outcomes.

We are incredibly close to taking a critical step forward for the pancreatic cancer community. Thank you for your persistence and dedication. Together, we can get this done!

Click here to send a message to your senators!:



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