[TAKE ACTION] Organizations: Sign the Petition to Genentech

Recently a number of organizations signed a petition to Genentech urging them to do what is in the best interest of women as they develop T-DM1 clinical trials for early breast cancer.The petition made the following recommendations: 1) that Genentech design its randomized clinical trial of the new drug T-DM1 with at least one arm that DOES NOT include a systemic chemotherapy. T-DM1 already includes a chemotherapy linked to trastuzamab which is released directly into the cell so that the toxic effects of chemo are greatly modified. This is an opportunity to test whether there is a treatment that has benefit for women that does not have to include systemic chemotherapy.  2) If there is a systemic chemotherapy arm in the trial, that it not include an anthracycline-based drug.  This is an extremely toxic treatment and yet there is no randomized clinical trial results that indicate anthracyclines are any better than other less toxic drugs for most tumors.

We continue to welcome groups and organizations that are interested in adding their name and voice to the Genentech petition. If your organization has not signed the petition, urge them to support this important effort by adding their name.

Groups willing to sign should: 1) have an authorized representative email Sharon Ford Watkins at sfwatkins@breastcancerdeadline2020.org with the message add my organization’s name to the petition to Genentech and 2) provide the organization’s name as they would like it displayed in the list of signing organizations.

As always your support and advocacy is deeply appreciated.

One Response to “[TAKE ACTION] Organizations: Sign the Petition to Genentech”
  1. Susan says:

    I sent my email to sfwatkins@breastcancerdeadline2020.org and added my organization Advocates for Breast Cancer, Inc. to the petition. Thank you Heather for bringing this important petition to our attention.

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