[TAKE ACTION] Reach Out to Senator Schumer For Support for the Safe Chemicals Act

With all eyes on election politics, you might not notice that Congress is still in session – they still have over a week to accomplish the people’s business. That means they have time to protect our families’ health from toxic chemicals.

In that time, we need the Safe Chemicals Act to reach the floor of the U.S. Senate – and we need need Senator Schumer to help get it there.  After an historic vote in the Environment and Public Works Committee in July – the first time Senators voted to reform the Toxic Substances Control Act since it was created all the way back in 1976 – there has been tremendous pressure from chemical industry lobbyists to stall the bill.

We can’t let money and self-interest trump the needs of children, parents, teachers, doctors, nurses, factory workers, child care providers, fire fighters.

Please take one minute to send a message to Senator Schumer.  He was an original co-sponsor of the bill, and has repeatedly and publicly spoken in support of its passage.  Now we need him to use his influence in the U.S. Senate to get this bill to the floor.

Together, we can make this vote happen!  Please contact Senator Schumer right now.


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