NBCC’s President Wants the President of the United States to Commit to Making the End of Breast Cancer a National Priority

The Presidential conventions are behind us. The candidates are officially nominated. The campaigns are in full swing. And in her newest blog on Huffington Post, NBCC President Fran Visco calls for our next President to step up and demonstrate leadership and vision to the women and men in this country and make the end of breast cancer a national priority.

“We want and expect that every person who holds the office of President of the United States will combine leadership with vision. That she or he will be someone who knows the limitations of what is and imagines what can be—and then makes it happen,” says Visco in her blog post.

“It is time we disrupt the business and system of breast cancer. It’s time we disrupt the status quo. We must create an innovative environment for breast cancer research that will lead us toward the eradication of the disease.

 NBCC is asking all those who want to see an end to breast cancer to sign our Petition to the President. We will collect  290,000 signatures—representing the number of women and men who will be diagnosed with breast cancer in this country next year. And we will deliver them to the President shortly after Inauguration Day. We are asking him to bring this nation’s leadership, intellectual and creative forces to bear on a matter of utmost importance to everyone, around the world.

If you’ve not yet signed the Petition to the President, please do so now. If you have signed, please email five friends and ask them to sign the petition. Or download the petition to collect signatures and mail them to us.

The election is only two months away. Please help us focus the Presidential candidates’ attention on breast cancer.



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