Live Your Beliefs

Now is the time that everyone has an opinion on politics.  I do, too.  I ALWAYS have strong views.  My question tonight is what are you DOING about them?  Okay, you’re posting a zillion negative images of the “other guy…” but beyond that are you taking action?  Making calls? Writing letters to the editor? Lobbying your representatives for the specific changes you wish to see on the issues that are so dear to you? Are you registered to vote? Will you pledge to vote in this election cycle?
Lip service and facebook posts mean little.  
Doing the work to CREATE the change you wish to see and to further the agenda you believe in makes a difference.
Our representatives NEED to hear from YOU. Stand up. Be heard. Take action. “Believing” in something is not a state of mind… it is a verb.  Belief relates to ACTION.  Belief is a VERB.  
Whatever your affiliation, live your belief. Join me. ACT.


One Response to “Live Your Beliefs”
  1. ROCK on, sista… Rock ON….. I’m with you. Words matter. Actions matter more…..

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