The USDA Wants to Protect Us Against Organic Almonds?

The agency insists that even organic almonds be cooked, but doesn’t want consumers to know they aren’t raw or how they are cooked. Action Alert! The “pasteurization” rule was introduced in 2007 in response to a string of salmonella outbreaks linked to large almond processing plants in 2001 and 2004; thirty-three people became ill, but … Continue reading

Tell the USDA to Keep Agent Orange Soy Off Your Plate!

The first generation of biotech crops has failed. And failed badly. Now the biotech industry is stepping up the chemical arms race in an effort to make up for the failure of Monsanto’s Roundup. Excessive use of Roundup by GMO farmers has led million of acres of U.S. farmland filled with Roundup resistant superweeds. To … Continue reading

Study: Negative stereotypes about the poor hurt their health — HD Today e-News

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What Can Mississippi’s Health Care System Learn From Iran?

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Live Your Beliefs

Now is the time that everyone has an opinion on politics.  I do, too.  I ALWAYS have strong views.  My question tonight is what are you DOING about them?  Okay, you’re posting a zillion negative images of the “other guy…” but beyond that are you taking action?  Making calls? Writing letters to the editor? Lobbying … Continue reading

Health Disparities and the LGBTQ population

Is the LGBTQ community carrying a disproportionate burden of cancer?  The answer may be yes. It is not necessarily surprising to find that health disparities are prevalent in the lesbian community.  However, disparities are certainly not limited to the lesbian community, but to all of the sub-populations who identify with the LGBTQ [Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, … Continue reading

Lance Continues to LiveSTRONG

Truly a sad day in sports and as an American. When an organization funded by government dollars can choose to work to destroy the reputation of a champion without having to answer to anyone… something must change. I have found strength, hope and inspiration since the first time I saw Lance Armstrong race in 1987.  … Continue reading

Breast Cancer Is Not Politically Correct

Originally posted on The SCAR Project Blog:
When the international SCAR Project exhibition premieres in Washington, DC this October, kicking off Breast Cancer Awareness Month 2012 from our Nation’s Capitol, the timing couldn’t be more perfect if it tried. Besides pulling the proverbial pink carpet out from under October, the DC exhibition is also smack…

Oncology News | Oncology Articles and Journals

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“There are two primary …

“There are two primary choices in life; to accept conditions as they exist, or accept the responsibility for changing them.”
Denis Waitley