Space Still Available for Camp Kesem!

Over the last year, college student leaders around the country have worked diligently to raise funds, recruit and train counselors, and plan the magical programming of Camp Kesem.  Thanks to our thousands of supporters, including the LIVESTRONG Foundation, Camp Kesem is now available to families in 22 states.  


Although camp season officially started last week, we still have some space left at our new chapters.  Please visit our website for a complete list of camp dates and locations.    


You can help bring the magic of Camp Kesem to more children affected by a parent’s cancer by asking your family, friends, co-workers, and community to share Camp Kesem with anyone who may benefit.  Camp Kesem is FREE, and serves kids aged 6 to 16. 


For many of our campers, Camp Kesem is the FIRST time they are surrounded by friends and counselors who truly understand the challenges they are facing at home. This empathy creates increased self-esteem, confidence and coping skills… gifts that last far beyond a week of camp.


I wish to extend my heartfelt THANKS to our amazing student leaders, national program directors, supporters, and the many volunteers who worked so hard to create Camp Kesem this summer.  Be sure to follow our famous caterpillar, Karl Kesem, on Facebook as he journeys to all 37 Camp Kesem camps.

One Response to “Space Still Available for Camp Kesem!”
  1. Jane Saccaro says:

    Heather, Thank you for your support in getting the word out about Camp Kesem.
    Warmest regards, Jane Saccaro, Executive Director, Camp Kesem

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