Pass the Safe Chemicals Act Now!

We cannot shop our way to health and safety. Our health and safety depend on stricter chemical regulation and we need your help NOW.
As you read this, the chemical industry is spending millions of dollars lobbying Congress to block meaningful progress in Washington. In the last few months they have spent over $2.7 million on pro-industry ads in places like Pennsylvania, Texas, and Alaska. Last year, they spent $52 million lobbying Congress to block protections from toxic chemicals, some of them linked to breast cancer.

Groups like Breast Cancer Action are committed to stopping breast cancer before it starts through stronger regulation of toxins linked to breast cancer. We are proud to join our partners in the Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families Coalition (SCHFC) in urging you to support the Safe Chemicals Act, which would create the common sense limits on toxins we need.

Today we’re gathering petition signatures from thousands of people like you to send a message: we’re sick of being exposed to toxic chemicals. The petition you sign will be hand-delivered to your Senators in May, urging them to co-sponsor and pass the Safe Chemicals Act. Our collective goal is 100,000 signatures.
You can make a difference. Tell your elected officials they need to put our health first.
SCHFC represents more than 11 million individuals and includes parents, health professionals, advocates for people with learning and developmental disabilities, reproductive health advocates, environmentalists and businesses from across the nation united by their common concern about toxic chemicals in our homes, places of work, and products we use every day.
Please support and share this important petition. Tell our elected officials that we want common sense limits on toxic chemicals.

We need to stop breast cancer before it starts. We need stronger regulation of toxic chemicals linked to breast cancer. Help show our elected officials that thousands of us want common sense limits on toxins – sign the peition below. It will be hand-delivered to your Senators in May. Thank you for taking action for all of our health.

Petition Language:
To the United States Senate and House of Representatives:

Your action is needed to protect American families from toxic chemicals. I urge you to pass the Safe Chemicals Act today.

In recent decades, the incidence of early puberty, certain childhood cancers, infertility, and learning and developmental disabilities has increased – sometimes at alarming rates. Scientific studies demonstrate that toxic chemicals we are exposed to every day can significantly increase the risk of developing these and other diseases and disorders.

Data from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) show that exposure to toxic chemicals begins in the womb. Most pregnant American women have numerous toxic chemicals in their bodies, some of which are already known to have adverse impacts on the health of their developing babies. This is unacceptable.

Congress has an obligation to pass a law that will protect our families from harmful chemicals.

We call on Congress to make the right choice for America’s families. Pass the Safe Chemicals Act now.

Here’s the Link:

One Response to “Pass the Safe Chemicals Act Now!”
  1. R.M.C. says:

    The potential for chemical reform is quite exciting, but it should be done in a way that doesn’t take the lives of millions of animals (for toxicity testing) in the name of better protection for human health and the environment. The revised bill should mandate and create market incentives to use nonanimal methods. Further, legislative language should be clear: given the option between an animal test and a nonanimal test, a nonanimal test should always be conducted. We need to ensure that chemical testing is in line with the 21st century and relies on modern, human cell and computer-based methods that provide accurate data on how a chemical acts and what the impact on human health may be.

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