LBBC Launches National Survey of Young Women – Living Beyond Breast Cancer

LBBC Launches National Survey of Young Women – Living Beyond Breast Cancer.   Make your voice heard. Take the National Survey of Young Women Affected by Breast Cancer from Living Beyond Breast Cancer now! If you are a woman who was diagnosed with breast cancer at or under age 45, Living Beyond Breast Cancer needs your help. … Continue reading

Pass the Safe Chemicals Act Now!

We cannot shop our way to health and safety. Our health and safety depend on stricter chemical regulation and we need your help NOW. As you read this, the chemical industry is spending millions of dollars lobbying Congress to block meaningful progress in Washington. In the last few months they have spent over $2.7 million … Continue reading

Act Now – Help Ensure New York Essential Health Benefits Help Blood Cancer Patients

LLS believes that it is critical for the essential health benefits established as part of New York’s health insurance exchange to ensure access to high quality and affordable health care for those with blood cancer and has developed a set of principles to help guide decision makers in this process. As a blood cancer advocate, … Continue reading