Proposition 29 Cancer Research Proposition Coming to the Ballot in California

If you know someone in California, tell them to vote Yes on Prop 29, supporting at $1 tax per pack of cigarettes to fund cancer research, education and prevention programs that will save lives! In California, tobacco usage results in a staggering $9.2 billion in health care expenditures, and is the leading cause of cancer, … Continue reading

Free Cancer Screenings In Tompkins/Cortland Counties, NY

NO INSURANCE?!?! THE CANCER SERVICES PROGRAM OF CORTLAND AND TOMPKINS COUNTIES CAN HELP!!!  The Cancer Services Program of Cortland and Tompkins Counties provides free cancer screenings forwomen 40 and older for breast and cervical cancer and for both men and women 50 and older for colorectal cancer screenings. These free screenings are available to those in both Cortland and Tompkins counties. We have many providers … Continue reading


NBCC’s mission is to eradicate breast cancer by designing and acting on effective strategies addressed to the administration, Congress, research institutions and health care providers to end this disease. The Coalition informs, trains, and directs patients and others in effective advocacy efforts. Nationwide, the women and men we have trained are shaping breast cancer public … Continue reading

New website helps national cancer community locate free legal assistance

New website helps national cancer community locate free legal assistance
The National Cancer Legal Services Network (NCLSN), a coalition of attorneys, legal service programs, cancer support organizations and health care providers, has announced the creation of a valuable new website for people with cancer.

When Less Treatment Is More

“Our system’s ability to find new treatments has far outpaced its ability to understand the limits of those treatments or to communicate with patients about the best strategies for those treatments,” Dr. Gross said. “What we need to do is step back and figure out how we can design our health system so that the right patient gets the right care at the right time, rather than all patients getting more care all the time.”

Breast Cancer Toll on Black Women Fed by Silence, Fear (Washington Post)

Thirty-One Senators Sign Letter Asking for $150 Million to be Appropriated for DOD BCRP! Thank You!

Thanks so much for all your hard work to educate and encourage a total of 31 Senators to sign the letter to Senate Defense Appropriations Chairman Inouye and Ranking Member Cochran supporting $150 million in appropriations for FY 2013 for the Department of Defense (DOD) Breast Cancer Research Program (BCRP). It was a particularly challenging effort this year … Continue reading

Tell the Senate: Protect LGBT people from domestic violence!

Too often, people are turned away from domestic abuse shelters and support groups simply because of their sexual orientation or gender identity. It’s wrong, and we can stop it. Bipartisan legislation in the Senate would make sure that lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people are explicitly included in an updated Violence Against Women Act (VAWA). … Continue reading

Tell the USDA to Keep Agent Orange Corn Off Your Plate!

The first generation of biotech crops has failed. And failed badly. Now the biotech industry is stepping up the chemical arms race in an effort to make up for the failure of Monsanto’s Roundup. Excessive use of Roundup by GMO farmers has led million of acres of U.S. farmland filled with Roundup resistant superweeds. To … Continue reading

Act Now – Help Strengthen Pediatric Law for Children with Cancer

Congress is currently working to reauthorize two critical federal laws that provide incentives and requirements for pharmaceutical companies to test their drugs for use in children – The Best Pharmaceuticals for Children Act (BPCA) and the Pediatric Research Equity Act (PREA). While BPCA and PREA have made significant research advances in how medicines can be … Continue reading