Support Strong Legislation for Safe Cosmetics

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Women’s health is under assault again – cosmetics companies are fighting to keep their products among the least-regulated in the country. Don’t let them get away with it.

For too long, cosmetics companies have made personal care products that are bad for our health. And many of the harmful chemicals in products aren’t listed on the labels.

We see mercury in face cream, lead in lipstick, and formaldehyde in baby shampoo. Why are they there at all? We shouldn’t be exposed to harmful chemicals when we’re taking care of our bodies.

Join thousands of women who have been demanding this change for over 20 years and tell Congress that we need stronger cosmetics regulations to protect our health.

Your action today can make a difference in the lives of women tomorrow. As Congress prepares to reconsider the Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act, they need to hear from you.

Tomorrow, the House Committee on Energy and Commerce’s Subcommittee on Health will hold a hearing entitled “Examining the Current State of Cosmetics” – the first hearing of its kind in over 30 years. Elected officials will consider current regulations, weaknesses that allow personal care products to contain harmful ingredients, and recommendations for the future. Cosmetics industry officials are expected to turn out in droves. We want to make sure that our voices are heard too.

Cosmetics companies are used to getting their way because money talks. But together, we can shout louder. Demand that women’s health comes before corporate profits. Demand a change. Contact the Subcommittee members today and tell them you want stronger regulation of personal care products.

Sample Letter:

I’m deeply concerned that personal care products we use every day, like face cream, baby shampoo, sunscreen, and lipstick, are some of the least-regulated on the market. There is a growing body of scientific evidence linking a number of chemicals found in these products to breast cancer and other health and reproductive harms. I’m joining Breast Cancer Action to ask you to put public health first.

I understand the Energy and Commerce Committee’s Subcommittee on Health is holding a hearing March 27 on cosmetics regulation, and that the Committee is considering folding in language that addresses how the FDA regulates cosmetics in the reauthorization of the medical device and prescription drug user fee acts.

As a constituent concerned about the safety of cosmetics for both myself and my family, I am asking you to include the following common sense provisions so as to ensure that this will be meaningful, health-protective legislation:

• Stop using ingredients linked to cancer, birth defects and developmental harm from cosmetics;
• Create a uniform health-based FDA safety standard that includes protections for children, the elderly, workers and other vulnerable populations;
• Close labeling loopholes by requiring full ingredient disclosure, including chemicals in fragrance and ingredients in salon products so workers and consumers know what chemicals they are being exposed to.
• Give the FDA mandatory recall authority so it can get hazardous products off store shelves.

I look forward to hearing back from you on this critically important public health and consumer health issue. We all deserve safe products and protection from harmful chemicals.

Challenging Assumptions.  Inspiring Change.


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